Teen Summer Programming at the Library!


Last night twenty teens had a great time with presenter Sara Conant from 4-H, who showed us some Kitchen Science!  We made Glow-in-the-Dark Superhero Slime and Homemade Ice Cream.  We used Play 'n Freeze Ice Cream Making Balls which we loaded with all the ingredients and, instead of just boringly shaking the balls, we took them outside and used them to bowl, run relay races, and toss around.  So, we had a lot of laughs while making the ice cream,--which we then at

So what the heck is the Society for Creative Anachronism anyway?!

And what will they be doing at the Teen Program at the Library on July 29th?

The Society for Creative Anarchronism is a worldwide living history group that recreates what life was like in the Middle Ages.  The groups dress up in costumes, have tournaments and jousts, and practice crafts from centuries ago. 

And the Newbery Award winner is.....

Newbery Medal

Mrs. C and I were so excited Monday morning! We were each at our own homes, hunkered down in the snowstorm,  listening to the live webinar announcing the Youth Services Media Award winners and tweeting back and forth (Mrs. C loves Twitter!).  The Youth Services Media Awards is like the Academy Awards for librarians!  We get so excited!

I was especially waiting for the final announcement: the Newbery Award that is given annually  to the author of the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children.