Securing our future

The Scarborough Public Library is a vibrant community resource, unique in its role as the only common place that offers free educational and enrichment resources for all ages and all means. Our financial support is made possible through a partnership that includes Town funding, grants, corporate sponsorships, and charitable gifts from individual donors. As a non-profit organization, all private donations made to the Library are tax deductible. Our services provide a lifetime of opportunities to learn and engage with others - made possible through your valued support.

Annual Giving: A Gift For Today

Annual Fund: Gifts to the Annual Fund are raised through a community-wide appeal in support of library services. They may be given at any time of the year and are unrestricted.

Memorial / Honorary Gift Fund: The Library may be designated as the recipient of donations in memory of a deceased family member (Memorial Gift). Gifts may also be made to honor a special person still living, or to recognize an occasion (Honorary Gift). A letter acknowledging your gift will be sent to the family of the person memorialized and/or honored. If library materials are being purchased with funds, a bookplate may be added to each new book to recognize the person or event.

Library Endowment Fund: Donations directed to the “Endowment” are added to the Centennial Endowment Fund and will enable the Library to build income for long term planning and financial security. The Centennial Endowment is permanently restricted. Earnings from this account are invested.

Matching Gifts: Many businesses and corporations will match charitable gifts made by employees. Contact your company’s personnel office to learn more about this easy way to increase your donation. Some companies will continue to match gifts made by retirees or members of an employee’s family.

Appreciated Securities: Gifts of appreciated securities are accepted. This vehicle may provide the benefits of a tax deduction, and, in most instances, will also afford savings on capital gains taxes. Consult with your legal or financial advisor for additional information on this option.

The 1899 Society: A Gift For Tomorrow

The 1899 Society honors those who have chosen to include the Library in their planned giving. This designation was named for the year the Library was incorporated and represents a legacy that has endured for over 100 years. If you are considering a planned gift to the Library, we suggest that you consult with your legal or financial advisor about the following options. Download our Giving Opportunities brochure for additional information.

Gifts Through Your Will: One of the simplest ways of planning a gift is by naming the Scarborough Public Library Corporation in your will or living trust. This allows you to make a gift that costs nothing during your lifetime but ensures the Library’s future strength. Through this planned giving vehicle, you can make a substantial, lasting gift when you no longer need the assets.  

Gifts of Securities: A gift of appreciated securities can be made to the Library by contributing long-term appreciated stock or other marketable securities.

Gifts Through Retirement Plan Assets or an IRA: The Library can be named as a whole or partial beneficiary of a retirement plan or IRA. This option is often overlooked, and yet it is an easy way to plan a gift.

Gifts of Life Insurance: Gifts of life insurance offer you the option to make a large gift at little cost by donating a paid-up policy to the Library, or by naming the Library as the beneficiary and owner of a new policy.

For More Information

For general questions about giving to the Scarborough Public Library - including becoming a member of the 1899 Society - contact:

Elsa Rowe, Community Engagement Manager
207.396.6279 or

Nancy E. Crowell, Library Director
207.396.6266 or