Library Policies

Through an understanding with the Town of Scarborough, the private Scarborough Public Library Corporation provides free public library borrowing services to residents of the Town of Scarborough.

The Town supports this service through an annual appropriation to the Library. The Library also serves members of the non-resident public who pre-pay a fee.

A.    Who May Borrow

A valid record in the patron database and a current bar-coded library identification card or photo ID are required for checkout of all materials.

As amended (February 15, 2024)


The name of this corporation is the Scarborough Public Library Corporation, duly formed under the laws of the state of Maine, and having its principal place of business at Scarborough, Maine.


The purpose of the corporation shall be to promote and maintain library facilities in and for the Town of Scarborough, and to further education and provide information and recreation through the library’s collections and services.


All content and images contained within this site are protected by US copyright laws. Unauthorized use of our material is strictly prohibited. The Scarborough Public Library is not liable for any errors or omissions resulting in your use of this site. For your protection, all data should be independently verified.

The Scarborough Public Library welcomes gifts of library materials, money, or real property. These gifts help enrich and improve public library resources. Gifts and donations may be made to the Library in a number of ways: to the Annual Fund, Gifts and Memorials Fund, Building Expansion Fund, or Library Endowment Fund, or through the gift of tangible objects and ephemera. The Scarborough Public Library Corporation is a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Tax Code. Donations to the Library are generally tax deductible.

The Endowment Fund is a “permanently restricted” fund. The principal in this fund shall remain permanently intact in perpetuity or until the occurrence of a specified event, or for a specified time as described in the terms of the endowment gift. Sub-accounts may be included in this fund with interest tracked on a prorated basis. Only funds that are designated by the donor as being contributed specifically to the “endowment” fund may be placed in this fund.

The Executive Committee shall be responsible for organizational assistance to the Board of Trustees and when directed by the Board may act on behalf of the Board between meetings. The Committee shall complement the Board and 
improve the Board’s effectiveness. It shall not compete with or replace the authority of the full Board of Trustees.

The Committee will:

Policy Statement

The Scarborough Public Library welcomes exhibits and displays that will educate, inform or entertain the community.  Community groups and individuals shall request space in the library for an exhibit or display in writing, detailing the scope and extent of the display.

Exhibition and Display Spaces

Lobby area - the open space between the Circulation Desk and the Information Center.

Display case - locked case with adjustable shelves.

Adult or children’s areas - shelving and ceiling hooks.

On June 23, 2003 the Supreme Court upheld a federal law that requires public libraries to install blocking software on all library computers providing Internet access to the public as a condition of continuing to receive federal subsidies and grants.

All Internet access at the Scarborough Public Library, including wireless access, is provided by the Maine School and Library Network (MSLN) and is funded with “E-rate” federal funds. Therefore, the library is required to comply with the law to use this free Internet service.

On an annual basis, the Finance Committee, in consultation with the Investment Committee, will recommend to the Board of Trustees how much income will be withdrawn from the investments to support the operating budget for the ensuing year. The spending rate will not exceed 5% of the total discretionary funds measured each June 30, based on the three-year rolling average of the market value of the funds.

We desire to maintain a quiet space where library patrons may read, study, and otherwise use the library without disturbance. Therefore, no patron will engage in behaviors prohibited by the Rules Related to Library Behavior which have been established by the Library Board of Trustees. The library staff will enforce these rules to help ensure that all individuals can use and enjoy the library.

While in the library or on library property, no person shall:

A. Purpose of materials selection policy

The purpose of the Scarborough Public Library materials selection policy is twofold:

  1. To provide guidelines for the staff in their roles as selectors. 
  2. To acquaint the general public with the scope of the collection and with the principles of selection used to acquire library materials.


  • Assess the Board’s current composition and identify the talents, skills, experience, and personal qualities the Board needs to function smoothly and effectively;
  • Identify and cultivate prospective Board members; solicit suggestions from Board members, current and past as well as referrals from Friends of the Library and volunteers; maintain a list of prospective Board members; if necessary, advertise in the newsletter, local press, and on the website; 
  • Screen and interview prospective candidates; once selected, supply a list of their preferred

At a minimum, the Operating Reserve balance of the Scarborough Public Library Corporation shall be one twelfth of the current Library budget. This will provide sufficient cushion to pay one month of Library operating expenses, in the event of an unforeseen emergency. The Board shall review the adequacy of the amount of unrestricted fund balance at least annually.

Replaces Unrestricted Fund Balance Policy 2/15/96


Approved March 15, 2001, Amended 6/21/2018

In order to be sensitive to the beliefs of all, the Library as an institution will not celebrate any holiday with religious origins. It is in keeping with the mission of the Library to permit informational programs and provide materials on topics of public interest, and to serve as a forum for the discussion of these topics. This policy will be interpreted to include programs which explore historic, intellectual, musical or other cultural aspects of religions or religious ideas.  It permits the display of library materials about timely and relevant religious topics.


Policy Statement

The Library encourages the display of informational bulletins, brochures and posters regarding area educational, cultural and civic events of interest to the community. The Community Information Area includes bulletin boards, brochure racks and bins.

General Guidelines:

The Library staff will place, post and remove all materials in this area.

Materials will be accepted on a space available basis using the following priorities:

A member of the public who wishes to appeal an action or administrative decision by library staff may appeal the decision to the Library Director. The grievance must be made within fourteen days of the action or decision. The Director will make an effort to address the grievance within seven days after its presentation. If a satisfactory settlement cannot be reached, the person may appeal in writing to the Library Board of Trustees. The Board will decide whether to address the grievance as soon as practical and will render an opinion, as it deems appropriate.

Personnel management is an administrative responsibility of the Library Director.

The Library Director establishes job descriptions for all library personnel and modifies them from time to time as the functions and needs of the library change.

The Board of Trustees will approve the job description for the Library Director.

A list of library staff positions describing duties, accountability and qualifications of each position, as well as a summary highlighting changes from the previous year, shall be provided to the Library Board on an annual basis.  


Specific determination regarding what matter is inappropriate for minors shall be made by the Library Board of Trustees.*

Content blocking parameters will be reviewed by the Board of Trustees annually or more frequently at the request of the library staff. 

All other actions needed for the protection, management, and optimization of the local area network and its devices will be determined by the network administrator.


Adopted 12/20/2001, Reviewed 6/21/2018  


The Library Board shall approve all solicitations and fundraising appeals to individuals, businesses, or community organizations for gifts and/or financial support in excess of $5,000 per request or project.
The Friends of the Library will submit to the Library Board for prior approval, information regarding any activities requiring solicitation of gifts and/or financial support.

The Scarborough Public Library will retain records only as long as needed for efficient operation of the library taking into consideration:

  • Compliance with statutes
  • Accepted accounting procedures
  • Protection of the public’s assets including collections and equipment
  • Borrower Privacy Policy

Records may be held in print or in electronic formats on servers or storage media.

Library related events have priority in use of this meeting space. The meeting room is available to non-profit and Scarborough-based civic organizations and youth groups, municipal departments, Town charter defined committees, Council or School Board committees or approved government agencies. These organizations may request donations from those attending the meeting.

The Scarborough Public Library adheres to the following:

We maintain all user information, documents, and records in all formats according to the appropriate standards of confidentiality and security.

We use the services of a confidential destruction company to collect and dispose of all confidential documents associated with borrower transactions and donations and to dispose of IT equipment such as computer hard drives.


The non-refundable cost of an annual non-resident borrower’s card is $60.00.
The non-refundable cost of a 3 month temporary resident borrower’s card is $20.00.


$3.00 - replacement cost for lost card. Because you are responsible for all materials checked out with your card, be sure to notify the library immediately if your card is ever lost or stolen.

The Scarborough Public Library regularly engages in a strategic planning process. That process establishes the library’s priorities and goals for the next few years. A work plan reflecting the priorities and goals is then developed with objectives designed to achieve the goals, and assigns responsibility for completion, time frames, resources needed, and measurement criteria.

The Library provides a wireless network to allow public access to the Internet before, during, and after library business hours. It is a separate network from the Library wired network and by its nature, like all public hotspots, is less secure. 

Devices Covered

This policy covers all wireless data communication devices.

Content Filtering

Content filtering is a requirement of our Internet service provider Maine School and Library Network (MSLN)