Welcome Manda Brogan!

Manda, our new Youth Services Assistant answers some important questions:

What was your favorite book as a child? 

My favorite book as a child is hard to nail down to just one book. I love Corduroy by Don Freeman because I was always curious about toys coming to life. I also love The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister because the book is sparkly. However, as a teenager I read The Neverending Story by Michael Ende, and I'd have to say that is my all-time favorite children’s book.   

What book is on your to-be-read pile?  

My list keeps growing for books that I want to read, but next up will either be another Philip K. Dick novel or a Haruki Murakami novel. In terms of children’s books, I would like to read more Judy Blume books because I love her style. I’m planning on reading Freckle Juice this week!  

Why did you want to work in a library? 

 I always went to the library as a kid with my mom. We would go after school and I would spend a lot of time in the children’s section reading books. Libraries have always been fascinating to me, and a place where I feel very comfortable. I just want to learn all I can about the inner-workings of the library and help people have as much fun at the library as I did with my mom.  

What would you like the families of Scarborough to know about you? 

I can’t wait to meet all of the families in the area and talk about books with the kids and learn what they love! I’ve been brainstorming some program ideas for the future; I love board games and any game really, so I'd love to do a Dungeons and Dragons night or a board game night.  

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