September 17, 2020

Meeting Minutes
September 17, 2020
4:30 PM – Video Conference

Attendance: Bill Donovan, Emily Ward, Susan Powell, Audra Sinclair, Peter Hatem, Lenore Rapkin, Judy Johnson, Jim Kupel, Bill Onorato, Joyce Clark, Staff: Catherine Morrison, Nancy Crowell

Meeting called to order at 4:30 PM by Bill Donovan

Adoption of Minutes, August 13, August 27 (Retreat), 2020
Motion made by Emily Ward and Seconded by Susan Powell.  The motion passed unanimously.

Treasurer's Report

  • No questions on the report submitted
  • Filed for audit

Library Director's Report

  • Two library family members passed away, and they are naming the library as a memorial gift
  • Gary Kimball – Green Needle neighbor
  • Millie Stevens – An uber volunteer

Town Councilor's Remarks

  • Tax Revenues are up
  • The town is moving forward with before and aftercare for children.  They will be using the former House of Lights business in Scarborough as a location
  • The intent was to help the 40 families who had registered for before/aftercare, but it has evolved since then
  • Scarborough Downs has come forward and agreed to cover any shortfall the town realized due to changes to this program-based changes to COVID and state regulations 

President's Remarks

  • Summarized the director's performance review
  • Reiterated how impressed he was about Nancy's commitment, professionalism, and hard work 

Consent Calendar:    

  • Building Expansion Committee Minutes, 9/10/2020
  • Community Relations/Development Committee Minutes, 9/14/2020 
  • FOSL Board Minutes, 9/2/2020
  • Finance/Investment Committee annual report

Motion made by Peter Hatem. Seconded by Jim Kupel.  Motion passed unanimously 

Unfinished Business:
Presentation of Committee Goals by Committee Chairs

  • Building Expansion – Susan Powell
  • Community Relations and Development – Audra Sinclair
  • Finance & Investment – Bill Onorato
  • Personnel, Nominating & Governance – Peter Hatem

Motion to approval Committee Goals.  Made by Susan Powell.  Seconded by Lenore Rapkin.  Motion passed unanimously

Review of Strategic Plan Summary

  • Strategic plan details were sent in this month's board packet 
  • Board will have time to review it, and it will be raised in October for motion and approval

Fundraising Feasibility Study – Status of Ad Hoc Oversight Committee
Additional Interviews have been conducted, and to date, we have four people committed.  

  • Larry Rubinstein
  • Patrick O'Reilly 
  • Kevin Freeman
  • John Thurlow

New Business:

MOTION: Request from Library Director to change the position of Coordinator of Programming and Communications from 32 hours part-time to 40 hours full-time.

  • A request to increase the current role from 32 to 40 hours to expand the work to include development 
  • While there will be an increase in payroll and benefits, the most considerable cost incurred by this is for the retirement plan
  • The full fiscal year cost for this increase is $18,000.  This cost will begin on November 1 so the price for this fiscal year is a little under $13,000
  • The Town Council does not need to approve a new full-time position if we agree to self-fund this through fundraising or existing funds

Motion made by Lenore Rapkin Seconded by Susan Powell.  Vote passed with one in opposition.  Opposed: Peter Hayes 

Funding needs for expansion design and other associated project costs. 

  • Finance and Investment Committee will prepare scenarios for funding expansion design and other associated project costs, to report back to the full Board in October
  • This work will draw up options for how the additional work that needs can be funded

MOTION: Amend the above motion to include the words “preferred option” when discussing potential ways of funding the expansion design and program costs. 

  • Motion made by Jim Kupel, seconded by Emily Ward.  Motion passed unanimously

MOTION: Direct Finance and Investment Committee to prepare scenarios for funding expansion design and other associated project costs, to report back on the preferred option to the full Board in October

  • Motion made by Susan Powell Seconded by Judy Johnson.  Motional passed unanimously

Impact of the new state Earned Paid Leave bill including immediate implication – Library Director

  • A new law to start in January requires us to provide paid time off to all employees based on tax filing  
  • This will require a rewrite all leave policies
  • Liabilities will be increased because accrued leave is a liability in our finances 
  • This will need to come back to the board approval of a policy change that will be drafted by the staff 
  • No motion required for this at this time 
  • Emily Ward asked to participate in the staff meeting

Discussion on formation of Citizen Campaign Committee and PAC (Political Action Committee)

  • There is a former board member who is interested in running a PAC 
  • This is on the list as an awareness for future work

Items for the next agenda:

  • Vote on the strategic plan 
  • Impact on new state Earned Paid Leave 

Trustee Comments

  • Emily Ward: Bill and Emily recommended that because we did not have a staff party where we typically distribute gift cards.
  • Bill agreed that this would be a good time to do it, so that will move forward.
  • Nancy Crowell – Penny Gagnon, library employee, has fallen and broken an arm and will be out for a while. 


Motion to adjourn by Peter Hatem.  Seconded by Susan Powell.  Meeting adjourned at 5:56 PM. 

Recorded by,
Audra Sinclair

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