How do I get a Portland library card?

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The Scarborough Public Library is a Partner Agency Library of the Portland Public Library (PPL) which serves as the Area Reference & Resource Center for the Southern Maine Library District. Residents of Cumberland and York Counties and parts of Oxford County are entitled to a free library card there.

To obtain a PPL card you need to come in the Scarborough Libray with an ID card. We can issue you the card onsite and you will gain access to digital resources immediately. It may take up to a week for your card to be processed to enable checkout of physical materials from PPL.

PPL offers many digital resources that can be accessed from home with a PPL card including online access Consumer Reports

If you have a PPL card you can use it to access additional books through CloudLibrary. Consult the cloudLibrary User's Guide for details on how to add an account to your cloudLibrary app. You can also see a Reference Librarian for assistance.