August 13, 2020 Including Annual Reports
4:30 PM - Video Conference

Meeting called to order at 4:34PM by Bill Donovan

Attendees: Nancy Crowell, Library Director, Bill Donovan, President, Jim Kupel, Lenore Rapkin, Judy Johnson, Catherine Morrison, Asst. Library Director, Joyce Clark, Katelyn Seavey, Susan Powell, Audra Sinclair, Bill Onorato, Emily Ward

Introduction of Judy Johnson, new board member
Motion: Affirm the electronic vote to elect Judy Johnson to the Board of Trustees for a term to expire 2022. Motion made by Susan Powell and seconded by Lenore Rapkin. Motion approved unanimously.

Adoption of Minutes, June 18 
Motion to approve the Minutes from June 18th. Motion made by Jim Kupel and seconded by Susan Powell. Motion approved unanimously.

Review of Committee Reports
2020 Treasurer's Report
Motion to approve the Treasurers Report and file for audit.  Motion made by Lenore Rapkin and seconded by Susan Powell. Motion approved unanimously.
Director's Report 

  • Addition to the written report is asking the board to reply to email Nancy sent regarding Fraud Prevention and Conflict of Interest
  • Jim asked about the summer reading program and if there is a sense of re-opening now that schools will re-open
  • Emily asked the question about how we saved money on cleaning.  When we shut down we shut down their services so for a while we saved the money on that.

President's Remarks

  • Bill stated it is a great honor to be the President of the Library Board of Trustees.  He has become more impressed the closer he has gotten to the operations.
  • For this year, we appreciate that we have a capital campaign and expansion that have been sidetracked.  Getting that back with some energy will be an important project of the year.

Presentation on Succession Planning by Katelyn Seavey, USM Muskie School Intern

  • Slides to be sent to board

ANNUAL MEETING: (Reports may be accepted by consent) 
Motion approved to defer acceptance of the annual reports until the retreat at which point, we will have those reports read.  Motion made by Emily Ward and seconded by Susan Powell. Motion approved unanimously.

Unfinished Business:
Payroll Protection Plan update

  • The next six months will give us more information around the rules and regulations for this money, including the potential for it to become a grant  
  • The questions really are
    • Do we keep it?
    • Do we split it with the town?
    • Do we give it back?
  • There will be some unanswered questions that will be clarified in the next 6 months that will help us make this decision

New work for PNG Committee

  • Suggestions for policy, By-laws changes: virtual meetings, electronic voting, meeting day 
  • Idea to revisit the by-laws to better reflect how they fit in the modern situation we have found ourselves. This would be the responsibility of the PNG Committee who will review this for this year

Update on Building Project - DEP opinion

  • DEP confirmed we can use the smaller footprint of 3 acres for the library permitting process  
  • It is a benefit for us because it cuts down the time and cost of the permitting process

Fundraising Feasibility Study - Status of Ad Hoc Oversight Committee

  • Nancy and Bill have been working on this with Bob Demont.  
  • This committee needs to be formed in order to begin the feasibility study  
  • Core group is Nancy Crowell, Peter Hatem, Susan Powell, Jim Kupel and Bill Donovan.  
  • Core team with Bob Demont reviewed the list of people who had been identified for feasibility study and identified 5 people who join the core committee and created a plan to contact them. 
  • The first person to accept was Larry Rubinstein. 
  • We are now in the process of contacting the second person on the list.  

New Business:
Review agenda for retreat on August 27.

  • A review of the summary of the strategic plan with an eye towards pulling through the items that may not have yet been completed.
  • Nancy and Bill will work on putting more form to the approach and send this out to the Board of Trustees

Executive Session: Library Director's performance review
Motion to approve move into Executive Session.  Motion made by Susan Powell and seconded by Lenore Rapkin. Motion approved unanimously.

Motion to adjourn meeting.  Motion made by Lenore Rapkin and Emily ward seconded.  Motion approved unanimously.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:28PM by Bill Donovan

Respectfully submitted,
Audra Sinclair

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