Scarborough Public Library Board of Trustees, board meeting
Thursday, July 14, 2022

Meeting Minutes

Participants: Bill Donovan, Nancy Crowell, Susan Powell, Allen Paul, Ellen Detlefsen, Anne Janak, Dave Dittmer, Jim Kupel, Catherine Morrison, Kim Corthell

The Zoom meeting was called to order at 4:30 PM.

Building Project Update: Susan reported that Austin Smith with Simons Architects updated the Project Costs due to the current high rate of inflation. Costs have increased by about 6% or $740,000. The total project cost is now $13,680,472.

Fundraising Campaign: Bill Donovan stated that the current quiet phase of the campaign has about $250,000 in contributions to the Impact Fund. In addition, we have two gifts totaling about $500,000 from patrons who have recently passed away (Ann Hammond and Danuta Barnard). The Prouts Neck awareness event at Bill and Lucy LaCasse’s house on July 12 was very well received. About 40 guests attended and Nancy was applauded for her efforts. Solicitations will begin for this group in the weeks ahead. The event resulted in a few people touring the library.

Bill spoke to Tom Hall requesting the name of a person at ME Medical Center to discuss the possibility of using a vacant space for temporary library space during construction. He was encouraged by the positive conversations, and it looks like there might be a few options, depending on how much space we need. We’ll need storage space as well.

Citizen Campaign Committee: Jim updated us on the Vote Yes for Scarborough Library efforts. The PAC has been established and initial fundraising has started. The Facebook page is up and running. Susan organized the various signup sheets onto one Excel worksheet. The committee will use the list to ask supporters to contact the Town Councilors to vote to put the referendum on the ballot.

MOTION: The PNG Committee nominates Lenore Rapkin for Board Secretary for Fiscal Year 2023. Motion to adopt the motion to nominate Lenore as Secretary was made by Ellen Detlefsen and seconded by Anne Janak. The motion passed unanimously.

MOTION: The Board authorizes the extension of the $350,000 Line of Credit with Biddeford Savings. The current 18-month term is due to expire in August. The Bank has indicated willingness to extend the loan for one year with no additional fees. Motion to adopt the motion to extend the Line of Credit was made by Susan Powell and seconded by Anne Janak. The motion was passed unanimously.

Other Business: The PNG interviewed Peter Freilinger today and would like to nominate him to the board. He is a good candidate with great financial acumen and is a cheerleader for the library.

MOTION: To temporarily suspend the typical two-step process of electing new members to the board. Motion to temporarily suspend the nomination process was made by Ellen Detlefsen and seconded by Lenore Rapkin. The motion passed unanimously.

MOTION: To offer a position on the Scarborough Library Board of Trustees to Peter Freilinger. Motion to elect Peter Freilinger to the SPL Board was made by Ellen Detlefsen and seconded by Anne Janak. The motion passed unanimously.

The board retreat will be held at the library on Thursday, August 18 from 4:00-6PM. It will be in person and via video. Anders Dahlgren is unavailable, but Tom Corbett will be presenting ideas about the library of the future and discuss the overhaul of the SPL website.

Volunteers are needed for the Art on the Lawn program at the end of July.

Susan, Bill, Nancy and Jim are busy working on the presentation to the Town Council on July 20.

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Anne Janak and seconded by Ellen Detlefsen.

Meeting was adjourned at 5:03PM.

Submitted by,

Susan Powell, Vice-President of the Board of Trustees

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