June 17, 2021 | 4:30 PM – Video Conference

Attendees: Audra Sinclair, Bill Donovan, Anne Janak, Lenore Rapkin, Nancy Crowell Director of the Scarborough Library, Kathy Billings, Allen Paul, Ellen Detlefsen, Jim Kupel, Jon Anderson, Judy Johnson, Peter Hatem, Susan Powell, Catherine Morrison 

Meeting called to order at 4:32PM by Bill Donovan

Introduction of incoming Board members
Adoption of Minutes, May 20, 2021
Motion to adopt minutes made by Anne Janak and seconded by Lenore Rapkin. Motion passed unanimously.

Minutes were amended and a vote held for amendments.  Motion passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report – As reported 
Library Director’s Report – As reported

  • The Juneteenth holiday has been added to the calendar for next year.

Town Councilor’s Remarks

  • School budget as approved this week, with low voter turnout (~8%)
  • Town Council is currently working on a comprehensive plan and a review of the town charter. 

President’s Remarks - Deferred until later

Consent Calendar:    Building Expansion Committee - No meeting
    Community Relations/Development Committee report, 6/7/2021
    Personnel, Nominating, Governance Committee – No meeting
    FOSL Board – no report
Motion to adopt minutes made by Susan Powell and seconded by Anne Janak. Motion passed unanimously.
Unfinished Business:    
Discussion on next steps in building design work – Susan Powell

  • The best location is still the current location, but our original plan of 30,000 square feet is not enough.  We now know it will be a 2-story building between 30,000 and 40,000 square feet.
  • Nancy requested an updated drawing from the architects, but the schedule is very tight.  
  • Discussions around the size we should be putting forth on the size of the library.  We are confident in the need and will need to be clear with the public on the why and the programs it will offer. 

Fundraising Feasibility Study – Status report – Bill Donovan

  • Bill provided a comprehensive written report via email. 

COVID protocols update – Library Director

  • Currently requiring masks in building for children’s area, not challenging people in the main area; the staff continues to wear masks
  • Asking children to wear masks at the children’s program on Tuesday June 22nd 
  • Discussions still underway on how to bring back in person programing 

Municipal Budget update – Library Director

  • Budget passed in its entirety
  • Planning reserve fund was created; we can use that for the $250,000 we requested for expansion planning

Discussion on formation of Citizen Campaign Committee and PAC

  • This work should start this summer with identifying people who have PAC or public relations information
  • BOT members will submit names to Nancy of who might be good committee members

New Business:
Requests for Board participation – CRD – Audra Sinclair

Annual Fund

  • We have an annual fund goal of 100% BOT participation.  As of today, we are 2 members short.  If you have not yet donated this serves as a reminder to do so by June 30th.
  • Piper shores has offered a $1500 match to incentivize people to donate in the last weeks of the fiscal year. With the Piper Shores gift, we will be at our goal of $52,000 

Summerfest (Friday, August 20)

  • The town of Scarborough is holding a modified Summerfest this year that includes an opportunity for non-profits to have a table.  Staff will be leading the planning of that and will be coming to the BOT for volunteers including a pickup truck!  
  • All BOT members are asked to save the date of August 20th for assistance with the booth that day.

Staff Appreciation Event

  • A pizza party was incorporated into a staff meeting earlier this month. Bill expressed thanks. 

Discussion on summer retreat and in-person meetings

  • Location/Date
    • Our next meeting will be in August, date to be determined
    • We will accommodate a hybrid form of meeting, so we have both in person and remote attendees. Library meeting room can be used for in person group 
  • Agenda
    • Building Expansion Status
    • Fundraising status
  • Bill to follow up with BOT on details

Library Director’s Performance Review – PNG progress report

  • This report is underway, the process has been delayed until September

Appreciation to outgoing Board members Hatem and Sinclair

Election of Officers for Fiscal Year 2021-2022 (new Trustees vote on this item)

  • Motion to adopt minutes made by Anne Janak and seconded by Lenore Rapkin. Motion passed unanimously.
  • Officers are
    • Bill Donovan, President
    • Susan Powell, Vice President
    • Kathy Billings, Secretary
    • David Dittmer, Treasurer

Motion to adjourn made by Lenore Rapkin and seconded by Susan Powell.  Motion passed unanimously. The meeting adjourned by Bill Donovan at 6:13 PM. 

Recorded by Audra Sinclair, Secretary

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