May 15, 2014
6:30 PM

In Attendance: Nancy Crowell, Director, Emily Read, Vice President, Terri Thompson, Treasurer, Sarah Taylor, Secretary, Humphrey Doermann, Peter Hatem, Anne Janak, Tom Corbett, Catherine Morrison, Emily Ward, Friends Liaison, Dan Dougherty 
Absent: Linda Elliot, Carl Helms, Kevin Carbin, Kate St. Clair

Meeting called to order by Vice President Emily Read in president’s absence this evening.

Adoption of Minutes: Minutes from April 17, 2014: adopted by unanimous vote

Treasurer’s Report: Accepted as written and filed for audit.

Library Director’s Report: Accepted as written.

  • In addition: Sue Karam’s memorial was discussed.
  • Thank you notes passed from AARP and to Scarborough Education Foundation

Friends of the Library Report: Accepted as written.

  • Highlight: $3500 donated to the library at their Annual Meeting

President’s Remarks: Vice President Emily Read

  • The Board traditionally donates to a memorial for employees who have passed away. Susan Karam’s family also directed memorial gifts to our library. Donations can be made individually on-line or by check. Nancy will group individual trustee donations to make a single gift in her memory from the Board. The Board President will extend condolences to the family on behalf of the Board.

Consent Calendar: Unanimously approved.

  • Community Relations Committee – Minutes 4/30/14. Accepted as written.
  • Development Report 5/9/14: Accepted as written.

Unfinished Business

Update on budget FY 2014-2015.

  • The school budget did not pass. The municipal side of the town budget will not be revisited.
  • Library budget stands with reductions in IT and utilities.
  • The FT position was not approved.
  • All CIP went through, including new office funding.
  • Wage adjustments are safe.

Review of By-laws: Peter Hatem
One minor change: Statutory reference # updated. Official 30 day advanced notification will be emailed to Board for vote in June.Discussion of non-resident eligibility for board. Not an official part of by-laws. All were comfortable with unwritten policy remaining so for lexibility.

Blocking parameters: Tom Corbett

  • Motion to accept proposed policy draft 5/9/14 with staff to mirror WebSense filtered categories where Untangle filtering is used.
  • Discussion focused on the removal of blocks on “illegal or questionable” sites. The definition of this category was read for clarity.
  • The proposed policy draft was approved by vote: 7 in favor, 1 abstention

Discussion on build out: Funds are available for the reorganization of workroom space. Nancy and building committee will take a look at space and how to be creative.

New Business

Report on All-Boards Summit

  • Attended by Anne Janak, Nancy Crowell, Emily Ward.
  • A Community-wide calendar does not exist but would be welcomed.

Election of nominees for FY 15 - Nominating Committee

  • Sue Puddington presented for election. Elected by unanimous vote.
  • Two open seats remain to be filled.

Nomination of Officers for FY 15 – Nominating Committee

  • Tabled.

Report from Investment Committee: Terri Thompson

  • 8% return on portfolio. Committee is very comfortable with portfolio growth and allocation.

Items for next agenda:

  • Approve revisions to by-laws
  • Trustee nominations
  • Officer nominations

NEXT MEETING: Thursday, June 19, 2014 6:30pm
Meeting in smaller conference room due to Book Fair.

Trustee Comments

Respectfully submitted,
Sarah Taylor

Meeting Date

May 15, 2014
6:30 PM
Meeting called to order
Adoption of Minutes, April 17, 2014
Treasurer’s Report
Library Director’s Report
Friends of the Library Report
President’s Remarks
Consent Calendar:
Community Relations Committee – Minutes 4/30/14
Development Report 5/9/14
Unfinished Business
Update on LD 1664
Update on budget FY 2014-2015
Review of By-laws
Blocking parameters – Tom Corbett
Discussion on build out – reorganization of workroom space
New Business
Report on All-Boards Summit
Election of nominees for FY 15 - Nominating Committee
Nomination of Officers for FY 15 – Nominating Committee
Report from Investment Committee
Executive Session: To discuss Director’s Performance Review
Items for next agenda:
Trustee Comments
Perpetual Calendar:
New Trustees assume their duties immediately prior to Election of Officers
Election of Board officers – last order of business
Contract for audit