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The Library provides free delivery of materials twice a month to Scarborough residents unable to visit the Library due to long or short-term illness, immobility, or age. Books, audiobooks, magazines and DVDs are delivered by staff or volunteers; and Librarians can visit to show you how to use our eBook systems, catalog, or other digital resources.

Contact the Reference Desk at 883-4723 option #4 to request home delivery or email us at askSPL@scarboroughlibrary.org.

What is Home Delivery?

The Scarborough Public Library offers free delivery of materials to Scarborough residents who are unable to visit the Library due to long or short-term illness, immobility, or age. We strive to offer the same access you would have when visiting the Library in person.

What can I request?

Any material that circulates can be requested through Home Delivery. You may request specific titles or our staff will be happy to select materials based on your interests. If the Library does not own a book you would like to read, we can try to borrow it from another library. Basic reference information is also available by phone at 883-4723 option 4 or email at askSPL@scarboroughlibrary.org(link sends e-mail).

How many items will I receive?

As many as you would like! People typically request between 2-5 items per delivery. The number can be adjusted at any time.

When will I receive them?

Materials are delivered to your door every other Friday at a mutually convenient time.

How do I register for this service?

If you or someone you know would benefit from this service, contact Adult Services at 883-4723 option 4 or fill out and mail us this form. We will contact you shortly.

What are some related services?

Collections for Institutions:

Nursing homes and senior housing facilities can receive rotating collections of Library materials through the SPL Home Delivery program.

Collections for the Visually Impaired:

The Maine State Library offers materials for the visually impaired through its Federally-funded “Talking Books” program. Recorded books and special players are available to qualifying persons. Call Toll-Free 1-800-762-7106 or visit their website

(Please note that this program is facilitated by the Maine State Library and all questions should be directed to them.)


The CloudLibrary app can be used with most tablets and computers. Books can also be transferred from a computer to Nook and Kobo eReaders. These devices allow you to enlarge the size of your text for easier reading.

For more information on downloading a CloudLibrary app, or transferring items to your e-reader, visit the Library's eBooks page.