Small Comforts

A Message from the Director -- 

Early November 2023

Image of library director

A few of us used the word “dreadful” to describe recent days, and the nuance of this choice is most appropriate. Those of us who had to make decisions did the best we could with the facts within our reach, but wanted to do better, to do more for our grieving community. These incidents remind us of our humanity. It only takes a moment to pause and ask someone you see picking up a book, or groceries: “How are you today?” or “I hope the day treats you well.” Then the healing begins.

The cooler weather is coming in and sunlight is becoming more precious. We can all agree that these cooler months can make us feel cozy and settled into a comfortable routine. But it can get lonesome for many of us. The library will have plenty of opportunities for you to step out of those doldrums, and we will be delighted by your visit. Check out a book, come to a program, or just find a place to sit knowing you are among us. Most importantly, bring a friend who might not have an opportunity to get out. We look forward to seeing you!

Chip Schrader
Library Director