Greetings, Scarborough!

A Message from the Director -- 

Late October 2023

Image of library director

This community has been dear to me for seventeen years as I’ve hiked its many trails, relaxed at local beaches, celebrated with family, and dined on everything from seafood to ice cream. The recurring theme “you have big shoes to fill” is true, and as a mentee of Nancy’s for my previous 11 years of directorship, I absolutely agree. The library’s move from Black Point to Gorham Road in a building that has come to welcome thousands is only the tip of the iceberg when we discuss Nancy’s achievements. As her successor, my primary goal is to uphold this library’s connection and purpose to each of you, and to the vibrant municipality that excels at making Scarborough the way life should be. These first two weeks have brought me the kindest words and smiling faces. I thank all of you with sincerest gratitude, it is my privilege to be at your service!

Richard “Chip” Schrader
Library Director