2021 Summer Reading Program

Registration begins Monday, June 14! There are TWO fun ways to sign up on (or after) June 14:

1. Come into the Library. Fill out a registration form and we will give you your 2021 Summer Reading Log!


2. Not able to come into the Library? No problem. Fill out this online form. We will send you a PDF of the Summer Reading Log you can print at home.

Use your Reading Log to keep track of books you've finished reading to yourself; books someone's read to you; or books you've read to someone else. Participants can read as many (or as few) books as they like. Children are encouraged to set their own goals.They can count the number of books read or minutes or pages. Whatever works for each individual. Print books, ebooks, magazines, audiobooks, all count.

Inside the log you will find reading and activity challenges that encourages children to explore new genres—and sites in our community as well. And as always, special thanks to the Friends of Scarborough Library for being our awesome SRP sponsors

Summer Reading FAQ

How many books do I have to read?

You can read as many (or as few) books as you would like! Set your own goal. You can count the number of books read, minutes, pages, whatever works for you. You can count books you read to yourself, books read to you, or books you read to someone else. Print books, ebooks, magazines, audiobooks, all count toward your summer reading activities!

Do I have to finish the book to list it on my Reading Log?

Of course not! If you choose to record time read or pages read, just write down the title and record the amount of time or the number of pages in the column. You will have several entries for the same title before you finish the book.  And that's fine!  

How do I sign my children up for summer reading?

There are two ways to sign up

  1. Come into the Library any day starting June 14, 2021 to fill out a registration form and we will give you your 2021 Summer Reading Log. Use this Reading Log to keep track of books you’ve read to yourself, books someone’s read to you, or books you’ve read to someone else. Set your own goals!
  2. Can’t make it into the Library? Go to the Youth section of our website and sign up there. After registering, you will be sent a link to be able to print off the reading log at home.

What about my free book?

In past summers, free books were passed out to summer reading participants at our Finale. This summer, to help curb the spread of COVID-19, we are still deciding the best practice on how to distribute free books to participants throughout the summer. Keep a look out on our webpage or FaceBook on how to get your free book!

A message to parents and guardians

At the Scarborough Public Library, we strongly believe that reading during summer should be enjoyable. We encourage parents to help children set a realistic goal. A feeling of “I Can Do It’ creates an atmosphere of celebration...and fun!
We want children to LOVE reading, and look forward to visiting the Scarborough Public Library.

What to read next?

Having trouble figuring out what to read? Contact the Youth Services staff via email: kids [at] scarboroughlibrary.org or by phone: 883-4723, option 3. We are thrilled to make book recommendations for all ages!