Let's meet up for a walk! Walks start from the Library and wind through the municipal campus. Sometimes it is lead by library staff or a volunteer, and sometimes it is self-guided, but we have maps for reference. See the list below for scheduled meetups.

As part of Age-Friendly Scarborough, let's go for a walk! For this program, "walking" refers to any ambulatory method along a path, so using a walker, a wheelchair, a scooter, a stroller, or roller-skates all count. 

This all-ages program has two goals in mind: let's get outside for a walk, and let's chat while we do it!

There will be walking groups leaving from the library on the dates listed. Sometimes, they will include special moments, like a walk lead by a local physical therapist, a walk with a kids story walk in it, a short-story discussion, or focused on a topic to get conversation moving. There will be plenty of scheduled walks that are for exercise and chit-chat, no extra stuff involved.

There's a booklet to keep track of your walks and optional pedometers available at the front desk. Once you have some walking buddies, feel free to take it off campus.