Minutes of the Meeting
of the Board of Trustees
December 15, 2022
4:30 PM 


Attendees: Bill Donovan, Susan Powell, Allen Paul, Dave Dittmer, Judy Johnson, Ellen Detlefsen, Anne Janak, Peter Freilinger, Barbara Kapp, Lenore Rapkin, Catherine Morrison (Ass’t Director), Nancy Crowell, (Director). 

Guest: John Lanham of Demont Associates 

Absent: Jim Kupel, Kim Corthell, Nicholas McGee 

The meeting was called to order at 4:32 by the President, Bill Donovan. 

Adoption of the Minutes of November 17, 2022. Motion to adopt made by Ellen Detlefsen, seconded by Susan Powell carried unanimously. 

Treasurer’s Report: Dave reported expenses are down.  The Library now has someone to remove snow. Total liabilities and equity - $2,300,944.87.  Motion to file for audit by Peter Freilinger, seconded by Ellen Detlefsen carried unanimously. 

Library Director’s Report: In addition to her written report, Nancy added news of a grant from Norway Savings Bank which will be awarded to the library on Monday, December 19. 

Town Counselor’s Remarks: Town Counsel liaison, Nicholas McGee was absent. 

President’s Remarks:  

Consent Calendar: Motion to adopt by Dave Dittmer, seconded by Peter Freilinger, carried unanimously.   

Unfinished Business:   

Building project - Next steps.  Post-election loss.   

Recommendation from J. Chrastka. Check back into the community. Interview 50 people. Out of the interviews create a matrix which is an interpretation of what happened. Within the next six weeks band together to interview citizens of the community. These will be Listening Interviews that are time bound (10 minutes).   

John Lanham - Demont Associates: Final Report: John presented a complete report which will be available to all Trustees. Some key points included:  

  1. Optimum goal - 3 million dollars to support the library expansion. This figure was set to leverage community support.   
  2. Phase I - $450,000.  Phase I costs were $113,050.00 
  3. Transition recommendations -
    1. Board authorize a Donor Stewardship within 10 years. 
    2. Combine Phase I gifts to future campaign pledges.
    3. Expand Legacy Giving.
    4. Remind all donors of their giving impact.  
    5. Volunteer Appreciation 
    6. Build a culture of philanthropy 
    7. Hire a Development Coordinator 
    8. There were both positive campaign factors and challenging campaign factors.  Review these in written report.   

New Business: 

Acceptance of Grant from Maine Public Library Fund - The $5,000 will provide services with specialized programs for a variety of persons who were raised in countries other than America. There will be English Language Learning, computer accessibility programs and others in the library to assist a new American Community to develop self-sufficiency and a sense of belonging.   

Motion to accept and approve the grant by Anne Janak, seconded by Ellen Detlefsen, carried unanimously.   

Approval of Amendment to Rules related to Library Behavior - Rules relating to library behavior were revised.   

Changes from current rules. (Number 4). Photograph, film, and/or video record staff and/or patrons without their permission (See policy on Photographing and Filming in the Library). (Number 18) Bring in garbage, articles with a foul odor, or articles which alone or in their aggregate, impede the use of the library by other users.  (Number 19) Fail to comply with a reasonable staff request to cease behavior that interferes with the effective functioning of the library and the use of the library by others, including being asked to leave the library 

Motion to accept the amended rules by Ellen Detlefsen, seconded by Judy Johnson, carried unanimously.   

Approval of Policy on Photographing and Filming in the Library - Full policy is in Board packet. Motion to approve the policy as written by Ellen Detlefsen, seconded by Judy Johnson, carried unanimously.   

Discussion on GMO Revision Survey - what is “public benefit” -The Town GMO Summary is available in the Board packet.  The Board of Trustees responded to the survey and Peter Freilinger will prepare a written report of the responses.   

Request for approval to explore new part-time position for development support -The process requires a Job Description and permission to begin a search for a qualified person so as not to lose momentum with the Library’s Annual Appeal.  Motion by Ellen Detlefsen, seconded by Peter Freilinger, carried unanimously.   

Items for next agenda: Budget, Vote on new Secretary 

Adjournment: There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 6:32 PM/   

Respectfully Submitted,  


Anne Kendall Janak, Secretary Pro tem 




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