January 19, 2017

6:30 PM

Attendees: Emily Read, Carl Helms, Kevin Carbin Jr, Nick McKelvy, Bill Onorato, Dan Dougherty, Carl Helms, Anne Janak, Ginny Ketch, Nancy Crowell, Catherine Morrison

Meeting called to order

Recognition of Nancy for being selected as the recipient of the Great Person Award

Adoption of Minutes- November 17, 2016- approved

Treasurer’s Report- filed for audit

Library Director’s Report- accepted

Friends of the Library Report – accepted as written

Town Councilor’s Remarks- not in attendance

President’s Remarks-congratulations to Nancy

Consent Calendar: accepted as written

Unfinished Business:

Proposal on solar panels and Power Purchase Agreement

  • waiting for town sustainability person and possibility of inclusion on town CIP budget

Work Plan and new committee structure- Review-

  • Trustees to log on to google drive to access documents
  • next review will be completed with hard copies of the plan at Trustee meeting

Strategic Plan Review- No updates at this time, review for next meeting

New Business:

Nomination of Robin Rubinstein to fill unexpired term expiring in June 2018-

  • Unanimously accepted

Affirmation of email approval of $5000 contribution towards a municipal campus master plan

  • Funds to be drawn from Building Expansion account--Unanimously approved

Presentation of policy updates by Personnel, Nominating, Governance Committee-

  • Policy pertaining to Appeals- Approved
  • Policy on Library Behavior- Approved
  • Retirement of Policy regarding Cell Phone Usage (now included under behavior) - Approved

Items for next agenda on February 16th

  • Solar Panels and Power Purchase Agreement
  • Strategic Planning Review

Submitted by Dan Dougherty, Secretary

Meeting Date