Policy on Photographing and Filming in the Library

The library has a significant interest in maintaining an environment that allows patrons to freely access library information and resources. This significant interest requires the library to maintain policies that protect the privacy of its patrons and staff members and ensure their freedom from harassment, intimidation, and threats to their safety and well-being. In order to provide appropriate safeguards against such behavior and enforce policies and procedures addressing that behavior when it occurs, the library has adopted the following policy regarding the taking of photographs or videos inside the library building.

Photographing and Filming by Library Staff

Scarborough Public Library staff has the right to photograph, film, and record library events and patrons for promotional use only in print, online, and video. Visitors to the library, or anyone participating in any library event being captured on film or by photograph, will be advised verbally and/or through signage that their participation acts as consent to be photographed, filmed, or recorded, unless they indicate otherwise to the library staff.

Photographing and Filming by Others

Photographing and filming in the library is allowed only to the extent that it does not interfere with the provision of library services and is consistent with the library’s Rules Related to Library Behavior.

  • Those wishing to use cameras and/or recording equipment within the Scarborough Public Library must have their request approved in advance by the library director or designee.
  • Those photographing or videorecording children must have both the verbal permission of the library staff and a written release signed in advance by each child’s legal guardian.
  • Those photographing or videorecording adults must have verbal permission from the subject as well as the library staff.
  • Library access by photographers and videographers may be limited either by time constraints or to specific areas depending upon the effect such activities could have on other library patrons and staff.
  • Casual amateur photography, filming, or recording is permitted in library facilities for users and visitors wanting a remembrance of their visit, provided that other library patrons are not captured in any such photographs, films, or recordings without their permission.

Library staff may terminate any photo, filming, or recording session that appears to compromise public privacy, safety, or security, or violates a Scarborough Public Library policy.

Persons involved in taking photographs or videos are solely liable for any injuries to persons or property that result from their activities on library property. They also have sole responsibility for obtaining all necessary releases and permissions from persons who are filmed or photographed. The library undertakes no responsibility for obtaining these releases or permissions.

Application and Permission Forms:

Adopted: December 15, 2022