Development Committee Responsibilities

The Development Committee will plan and implement the fundraising program for the library.

The Committee will:

  • Review the mission and goals of the Library Board of Trustees;
  • Develop a comprehensive development plan and strategy;
  • Submit the development plan to the Library Board of Trustees for annual review;
  • Participate actively in the selection of prospects, preparation for solicitations, cultivation and actual asking;
  • Develop plans and procedures to involve the entire Library Board of Trustees in fundraising;
  • Develop strategies for involvement and cultivation of major gift prospects;
  • Evaluate potential prospects for increased levels of contributions;
  • Solicit gifts at the various levels required for annual, special and planned giving programs;
  • Involve other Library Board members and volunteers in the cultivation and solicitation processes;
  • Develop a process to involve library staff in important aspects of fundraising.

Appropriate skills and characteristics for Development Committee

  • At least two members from the Library Board of Trustees, others from the community as needed
  • Library Director or designee will serve as staff liaison to the Committee
  • Members who are knowledgeable about the community
  • Those who are interested in financial matters and are comfortable discussing finances
  • Skills and experience needed within the committee:
    • Writing skills
    • Presentation skills
    • Successful experience raising money
    • Knowledge of tax and estate law
    • Interpersonal and listening skills
    • Planning
    • Financial planning
    • Fundraising management
    • Computer systems and data bases
    • Knowledge of and access to grant resources


April 10, 2003