Community & Media Relations Committee Responsibilities

The Community and Media Relations Committee shall advise and assist library staff and the Board of Trustees on marketing and public relations activities.

The committee will:

  • Review the mission and goals of the Strategic Plan;
  • Develop both a long-term and short-term comprehensive marketing plan;
  • Submit the marketing plans to the Library Board of Trustees for review;
  • Actively participate in the creation and implementation of marketing tactics;
  • Identify incremental marketing and public relations opportunities;
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of marketing and public relations initiatives;
  • Involve other Library Board members in public appearances;
  • Solicit input from and communicate tactical changes to library staff;
  • Coordinate activities with other committees as needed.

Appropriate skills and characteristics for Committee and Media Relations Committee:

  • At least three members from the Board of Trustees and others from the community as needed
  • Library Director or designee will serve as staff liaison to the Committee
  • Members who have marketing or PR backgrounds


Adopted: 2/13/2013