March 20, 2014

MARCH 20, 2014, 7:00 PM

In attendance:  Nancy Crowell (Director), Catherine Morrison (Assistant Director), Linda Elliot (President), Emily Read (Vice President), Dan Dougherty, Carl Helms, Humphrey Doermann, and Kevin Carbin, Jr.

Absent: Emily Ward, Anne Janak, Terry Thompson, Peter Hatem, Sarah Taylor, Kate St.Clair

Meeting called to order by President

Adoption of minutes, February 20, 2014:    Accepted with clarification of President’s remarks. Linda expressed her concern about the accessibility of the Internet as a result of the discontinuation of “net neutrality.”

Treasurer’s Report:  Nancy provided a brief update in Terry’s absence.  Report accepted as written.

Library Director’s Report:

  • Nancy informed us that Rocco “Rocky” Risbara, Jr. died March 15, 2014 at age 60.   He was involved with numerous building projects at the Library in previous years.  His wife had been a member of the Library’s Board of Trustees.  The Library will send a letter of condolence to Rocky’s family.
  • The Library has received a grant from the Maine Historical Society.  The Library will assist in preparing information of Civil War history to be uploaded to the MHS’ Maine Memory Network website. Grant partners will be the Scarborough Historical Society and the Middle School.
  • Report accepted as written.

A motion was made: The Library Board recognizes the passing of Rocco C. Risbara, Jr. and extends its sincere condolences to the Risbara family and Rocco’s wife Marcia, a former Trustee. Rocco provided essential guidance to the Library as a member of the building committee for the current building. He was a respected and active member of the community and has left our library and the community we serve with a lasting legacy.

Friends of the Library Report:  None

President’s Remarks:  Linda thanked all who attended tonight’s meeting

Consent Calendar:  Community Relations Committee:  Minutes accepted.  Emily asked Board members to consider bringing food to the networking event with the Friends of the Library at 8:30 am on Monday, April 14.  National Library Week begins April 13.  The American Library Association is asking all to sign the Declaration for the Right to Libraries. There will be a grand finale event at the Library at 6:00 pm on Thursday, April 17.  Tea and snacks will be served.   This will take place immediately prior to the Board’s April meeting at 7:00 pm that night.

Motion:  Humphrey moved that the Board of Trustees endorse the Declaration for the Right to Libraries.  The Board voted unanimously in favor.

Development Committee:   Minutes accepted

Unfinished  Business

Annual Retreat:  The date was confirmed to be from 8:30 until 11:30 am on Saturday, April 5, 2014

Review of By‐Laws: Tabled

Capsule Job Descriptions:    Nancy explained job descriptions have been updated to reflect the change in duties and personnel and all are in line with the Fair Labor Standards Act.  All current full time staff will be considered exempt in the next fiscal year.

Update on LD 1664:  Nancy explained it is being stymied in work sessions, and is likely to be tabled.

Update on draft budget FY 2014‐2015:  The Library is proposing adding a full‐time Adult Services Librarian position. The Town’s Finance Committee will review Library’s proposed budget at 10:00 am, Tuesday, April 8 at Town Hall. Board Members are urged to attend.   There will be a final Town Finance Committee review of the Town’s budget at 9:00 am on Tuesday, April 22.

Collect names for Board nominations:  Humphrey asked if there were specific skills needed for Board members.  Linda mentioned someone with IT experience would be helpful, while Emily explained the same would be true for someone with PR and marketing experience.   Nancy will try to recall any “Old Scarborough” people who may be potential Board candidates.

New Business

Presentation of new logo by Community & Media Relations Committee:    With the help of graphic artist Ian Weidner, the Committee proposes updating the library’s logo to make it appear uniform  on letterhead, business cards, posters, website, and more.     A motion was made for the Library to adopt the new logo.  It was seconded, and the Board voted in favor unanimously.  Emily, members  of the C & MR Committee, and Celeste Shinay will continue to refine the final details.   The new logo is expected to be fully implemented in June or July of this year.

Executive Session:  Director’s Performance Review.     Humphrey thanked all for their feedback. By unanimous consent, the session was tabled until the April meeting.

Blocking parameters:  Tabled until the April meeting

Items for next agenda:

  • Nominating  Committee
  • FY 2014‐2015 Draft Budget Review
  • By‐laws
  • Blocking  parameters
  • Staff Appreciation
  • Retreat  follow‐up
  • Executive session

Next meeting:   Thursday, April 17, 2014, 7:00 PM

Respectfully  submitted Kevin Carbin, Jr.