February 20, 2014

February 20, 2014
7:00 PM

In Attendance: Nancy Crowell (Director), Linda Elliot (President), Emily Read (Vice President), Teresa Thompson (Treasurer), Sarah Taylor (Secretary), Dan Dougherty, Emily Ward ( Friends Liaison), Anne Janak, Carl Helms, Humphrey Doermann.

Absent: Kevin Carbin, Jr., Peter Hatem, Kate St. Clair

Introduction of Thomas Corbett, Network Administrator. Welcome Tom!

Meeting called to order by President.

Adoption of Minutes, January 16, 2014: Accepted as written.

Treasurer’s Report: Teresa Thompson

  • Budget is on track. Accepted as written.

Library Director’s Report: Nancy Crowell

  • Accepted as written.

Friends of the Library Report: Emily Ward

  • No written report secondary to meeting cancelation due to weather.

President’s Remarks: Linda voiced concerns around potential internet cost issues.

Consent Calendar:

Community Relations Committee: Minutes accepted.
Development Committee: Minutes accepted.

Unfinished Business

Strategic Planning: Review of Discussion with Tom Hall, Town Manager

  • Tom thanked Nancy for the offer and other department heads are aware the library has offered financial assistance.

Annual Retreat Agenda Setting:
DATE: APRIL 5th 8:30 to 11:30am at the Library

  • Review of 2006 Building Plan
  • Server Room Design/Addition
  • Review of Town Surveys
  • Review of Strategic Plan

Review of By-Laws: In process with Peter Hatem in concert with the Director.

Capsule Job Descriptions: Tabled.

Update LD1664: Bill still in process.

New Business

Presentation of Draft Budget FY 2014-2015: Nancy Crowell

Reviewed as written.
Draft budget was passed unanimously by trustees in attendance.
The Finance Committee has reviewed the budget with Nancy.
A final revision of this draft budget will be presented to Town Council: April 8, 2014
Of note: The Library was approved funding by the town to complete the last 3 years of salary parity. This FY will finish off the last of the salary adjustments.

Discussion on needed board expertise: Tabled.

  • Board members are to please bring a couple of names for potential nomination to the next meeting. Please include a brief bio and contact info. There will be several vacancies.

Items for next agenda:

  • Nominating Committee
  • Capsule job descriptions
  • Possible Logo Presentation
  • Executive Summary of Library

Trustee Comments


Respectfully submitted,
Sarah Taylor

February 20, 2014
7:00 PM

Introduction of Thomas Corbett, new Network Administrator

Meeting called to order
Adoption of Minutes, January 16, 2014
Treasurer’s Report
Library Director’s Report
Friends of the Library Report
President’s Remarks
Consent Calendar:

Community Relations Committee
Development Committee

Unfinished Business

Strategic Planning: Review of Discussion with Tom Hall, Town Manager

Discussion on annual retreat plans

Review of By-Laws

Capsule Job Descriptions – for information

Update on LD 1664

New Business

Presentation of draft budget FY 2014-2015

Discussion on needed board expertise, to guide Nominating Committee

Items for next agenda:

Trustee Comments

Perpetual Calendar:

Nominations for next Board year confirmed by Nominating Committee
Library Director’s final goals presented to full Board
Review of blocking software parameters
Slate of nominees for next year presented to full Board
Third quarter financial report to Town