Books in Print

Picture of open book on library table

We have thousands of new and older books on our shelves for you to borrow, and many thousands more available through our Minerva library system.

Looking for the newest or forthcoming releases? Check our Forthcoming Titles, New Fiction, and New Nonfiction lists below to add your name to the holds list. You can even subscribe to specific booklists and get emails about new materials. There are also plenty of great titles on our new books shelves for you to browse.

Looking for a title we don't own? We can likely request it from another library for you to pick up here. Search our Minerva catalog to get started. If you don't find the title in Minerva you can try MaineCat which includes college libraries and other libraries not in the Minerva system, including the Portland Public Library.

Still not finding what you're looking for? Contact us for assistance.