Nominating Committee Responsibilities

The Nominating Committee shall be responsible for presenting nominations of successor Trustees and officers, coordinating board development and continuing education and conducting an annual self-assessment.

The Committee will:

  • Assess the board’s current composition and identify the talents, skills, experience and personal qualities the board needs to function smoothly and effectively at the current stage of the library’s life cycle;
  • Prepare recruitment plan based on assessment and term rotations;
  • Review “Trustee Duties and Responsibilities”;
  • Identify and cultivate prospective members and maintain a list of names for committee consideration;
  • Screen candidates on prospect list and meet with selected candidates to gather information from the candidate and provide information about the organization.
  • Present, in writing, the committee’s recommendation to the full board at least thirty days before or at the regular meeting prior to the meeting at which a decision will be made by the Board;
  • Following board approval, provide contact information to the board chair who issues the formal invitation;
  • Conduct orientation and match new member with experienced member of board;
  • Recommend continuing education and training for board and conduct regular self-assessment of board’s performance both collective and individual;
  • Recommend replacement trustees to fill unexpired terms.

Appropriate skills and characteristics for Nominating committee

  • At least three trustees.
  • Those who are knowledgeable about the organization, have extensive contacts in the community and know where to find the best prospective board members.
  • The Library Director will be the staff liaison, provide advice and administrative support.

April 10, 2003