Policies related to library fees

Schedule of Fees


The non-refundable cost of an annual non-resident borrower’s card is $60.00.
The non-refundable cost of a 3 month temporary resident borrower’s card is $20.00.


$3.00 - replacement cost for lost card. Because you are responsible for all materials checked out with your card, be sure to notify the library immediately if your card is ever lost or stolen.


Library cards expire annually and may be renewed. Temporary cards expire after 3 months and may be renewed once. All outstanding fines and fees must be paid to renew a card.


Adult Materials:
25¢ - per item per day fine
Maximum fine per item – $10.00

Children's Materials:
25¢ - per item per day fine
Maximum fine per item – $10.00

Interlibrary loan materials will be billed according to the policy of the loaning library.


Patrons will be charged for materials that are lost, destroyed, or damaged beyond repair.  The amount will equal the current replacement cost of the item(s).
If the replacement cost cannot be determined the following fee schedule will be applied.

Category Replacement Cost
Adult Fiction 25.00
Adult Non-fiction 40.00
Adult Trade Paperback 17.00
Adult Mass Market Paperback 8.00
Children's Picture Books 22.00
Children’s Fiction and Beginning Readers 17.00
Children's Non-fiction 27.00
Children's Trade Paperback 17.00
Children's Book & Cassette/CD Kit 17.00
Children's Board Book 6.00
Children's Mass Market Paperback 6.00
Magazine 4.00
Audio Cassette (each cassette, book or music) 10.00 or set price*
Music CD 17.00 or set price*
Audiobook CD (per disc) 10.00 or set price*
Video Cassette 15.00 or set price*
DVD 25.00 or set price*
Processing Fee 10.00

*Items with multiple parts: When individual parts cannot be replaced, the borrower will be charged the replacement cost for the entire set.

NOTE: Valuable or rare items with a list value greater than 150% of the scheduled cost (see above) will be billed at list. Items that are out-of-print, but not deemed to be rare or valuable, will be billed at the scheduled cost , with the understanding that the library will make a good-faith effort to determine a fair cost. At the librarian's discretion, a patron may replace a lost item with an exact duplicate of title and edition. An additional $10 processing fee will also be charged.


$3.50 each, minimum if the item can be repaired or mended in-house.


All fees charged by loaning libraries will be passed on to the patron (late, damage, loss, etc.).


A borrower whose debt exceeds $5.00 will be prohibited from borrowing materials until the fine is paid or sufficiently reduced.


The Scarborough Public Library participates in the Cumberland County District Attorney's Check Enforcement Program. There is a $75 charge on all returned checks plus amount of check plus any bank fees.


If an account is referred to a collection service for retention of library materials, the card holder will pay any collection costs incurred in cluding reasonable attorney's fees, filing fees and court costs if the matter is referred for prosecution. A person who knowingly fails to comply with the library policies concerning the return of materials may also be charged with a Class D crime. Source: Title 17-A: Maine Criminal Code Chapter 15 §360.

Adopted: 6/15/2006