Internet Usage Policy


Agreement for Public Computer Internet Use


Filtering: The Library receives E-rate funds and minimally filters content as required by federal law.
Filters may be disabled temporarily on adult computers for research purposes. See staff.
Minors: Must use children's public computers. Parents are responsible for their child's use of public computers.
You must supervise children under the age of 10 years.
Legal: Use of all library computers must be within the law.
If it's illegal, don't do it.
Common Sense: The links you follow are your responsibility.
Some sites should not be viewed in a public place or printed on public printer.
Downloading: You may temporarily save files on our computers.
Please be aware that all files are deleted after every reboot. Save to USB or email to yourself.
E-mail: You may not use our computers to violate the rights of another person.
No harassing e-mail or defaming chat room content. E-mail is not available for minors under the age of 17.
Copyright: Stealing software, pictures, or text from a copyrighted web site is illegal.
See "Legal" above.
Privacy: Do not remove privacy screens.
Help us safeguard your private information.
Printing: You will pay for anything you print.
You may print either in B&W or Color at our self-service printer release station in Adult Services.
Termination of access:
We can terminate your access for a violation of these guidelines. You have the right to appeal the termination.