Programming for Beginners BadgeProgramming for Beginners: Javascript

Join us for five nights of workshops designed to provide an introduction to computer programming by learning Javascript.  Starting June 27th, we'll meet for five consecutive Monday evenings from 6:00 to 7:30 (skipping July 4th) to complete at least the first 5 units of the Codecademy Javascript curriculum.  This excellent hands-on learning environment will give you a basic understanding of core computer science concepts: variables, conditionals, looping and functions.

The course is based on the JavaScript language which is found on nearly every web page (including this one).  It is an important programming language to learn as a marketable skill, but simple enough if you just want to get a better idea about how programming (and much of the web) works.

This program is one of our learning opportunities where you can earn a badge from the Maine State of Learning upon successful completion of the course -- meaning, in this case, that you complete your own javascript program with the help of the workshop faciliators.  The class will be facilitated by Rob Levine, a veteran programmer, and Tom Corbett, the library's Systems Librarian, who has also taught computer science at the secondary school level.

All participants must attend the first workshop on June 27th to get established on the Codecademy learning platform and work through the first few exercises together.  The remainder of the course can be completed online but everyone is encouraged to attend all five workshops. 

The last workshop will include a discussion of next steps to becoming a programmer (if desired).

Space is limited to 15 seats.  You may bring your own laptop or use one of our training workstations in the library.