Strategy, Personnel, and Governance Committee (SPG)

The Strategy, Personnel, and Governance Committee shall be responsible for strategic planning, policy and governance, and advising the Board on matters pertaining to personnel administration, staffing, and benefits.



  • Develop and periodically update the Library’s strategic plan for the Board’s approval; and
  • Annually provide the Board with an update on progress made in achieving the strategic plan’s goals and objectives and makes recommendations, as necessary, for revisions to the plan. 


  • Provide policy advice to the Library Director, when requested, in the areas of employee relations, benefits, training, compensation, recruitment, and retention;
  • Review capsule job descriptions once every three years;
  • Review wage and salary ranges and benefits once every three years;
  • In coordination with the Library Director, identify changes that may have fiscal implications and report to the Finance Committee regarding these impacts; and 
  • Oversee and manage the annual evaluation of the Library Director. 


  • Review Bylaws once every three years or more often as needed, and recommend revisions as necessary;
  • Review policies once every three years or more often as needed, and recommend revisions as necessary; and 
  • Provide overall policy guidance and development for library matters. 

Appropriate skills and characteristics for SPG Committee

  • At least three trustees. 
  • Those who are knowledgeable about the organization, and have background in human resources, law, policy, planning, or governance.
  • The Library Director or designee will be the staff liaison, provide advice and administrative support.
  • All participants must ensure matters discussed within this Committee remain confidential.


Approved by Board February 15, 2024