Policy On Group Study and Tutoring

The Scarborough Public Library provides occasional use of the conference room and meeting room without charge to allow small groups of two to six students to meet for educational purposes without disturbing those around them. The Library also makes these spaces available to Literacy Volunteers of America for occasional use.

A room for group study may be reserved up to one week in advance for no more than 2 hours at a time. Reservations will be held for 10 minutes after the designated time. No one may make more than one reservation per week. These arrangements are intended for the use of students. Absent a reservation,the staff may choose to assign the room on a first come, first serve basis. At least one user of the room must have a Scarborough Public Library card. Literacy Volunteers of America tutors must also make a prior reservation, but a borrower’s card is not required.

The Library meeting room and conference room may not be used under this policy for paid tutoring sessions. Paid tutors are considered a business and are charged a fee for use of these rooms consistent with the Library Policy on the Use of Meeting and Conference Rooms.

Private, paid tutoring is allowed in open study and reading areas only if such activity does not disturb staff or Library users and if those involved otherwise comply with all rules, guidelines and procedures governing behavior in the Library. Paid tutors may not publish or distribute advertisements or letters indicating the Library as their place of doing business or otherwise imply Library sponsorship of their activities. The Library does not sponsor, recommend, or assume liability or responsibility for the work and/or activities of tutors who use library space.

Reference: Policy On Use of Meeting and Conference Rooms and Public Library Rules Related to Library Behavior  

Approved 2/17/2005, Amended 2/15/2018