Nominating Committee


  • Assess the Board’s current composition and identify the talents, skills, experience, and personal qualities the Board needs to function smoothly and effectively;
  • Identify and cultivate prospective Board members; solicit suggestions from Board members, current and past as well as referrals from Friends of the Library and volunteers; maintain a list of prospective Board members; if necessary, advertise in the newsletter, local press, and on the website; 
  • Screen and interview prospective candidates; once selected, supply a list of their preferred committees for consideration by the President;
  • Present, in writing, the committee’s recommendation to the full Board at least thirty days before or at the regular meeting prior to the meeting at which a decision will be made by the Board;
  • Following Board approval, contact elected members to issue the formal invitation; and
  • Recommend replacement trustees to fill unexpired terms.

Trustee Orientation, Education, and Assessment

  • Conduct orientation to the Board and match new members with an experienced member of Board to act as mentor, following up with calls after the first three board meetings; 
  • Cover during orientation an explanation of the duties and responsibilities of a Board member, and the Board’s strategic direction, values, processes, and structures; 
  • Recommend continuing education and training for Board members; and 
  • Conduct regular self-assessment of the Board’s performance both collective and individual, and review Board evaluation responses and make recommendations arising from perceived needs.

Appropriate skills and characteristics for Nominating Committee

  • At least three trustees. 
  • Those who are knowledgeable about the organization, have extensive contacts in the community, and know where to find the best prospective board members. 
  • All participants must ensure matters discussed within this Committee remain confidential.


Approved by Board February 15, 2024