Executive Committee Responsibilities

The Executive Committee shall be responsible for organizational assistance to the Board of Trustees and when directed by the Board may act on behalf of the Board between meetings. The Committee shall complement the Board and 
improve the Board’s effectiveness. It shall not compete with or replace the authority of the full Board of Trustees.

The Committee will:

  • Review the agenda and make recommendations for Board consideration.
  • Assist the Board President in the ongoing review and implementation of the strategic plan.
  • Conform to the reporting standards of all Board Committees. Minutes of the Committee shall be recorded by the Board Secretary.

The Committee shall include:

  • Officers of the Board including President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.
  • One additional member of the Board to be approved by the Board as a whole.
  • The Library Director.

Meetings shall be:

  • Called and chaired by the President of the Board.
  • Limited to one meeting per month unless authorized by the Board.